Our Partners:

Comic Relief

In 2017, Project Harar received a 3-year grant of £113,000 from Comic Relief for a cleft and nutrition programme in the far north-western region of Afar. We plan to recruit 480 children for cleft surgery or nutritional support, and provide their mothers with education about diet and feeding for a child with cleft. We will also train 350 health workers on all aspects of cleft and complex facial conditions so that they are able to assist with recruitment and referral.


We were fortunate in 2014 to receive funding of £200,000 over 3 years for a cleft programme in the remote Somali region of Ethiopia. Despite the challenges of distance and drought, we were able to treat 540 young people for cleft and train 150 health workers in the identification of cleft and referral to Project Harar for surgery. 

2020 Update: As a result of the sustainability of this programme, 50 young patients have been identified and referred to Project Harar for treatment for cleft lip and palate.

Smile Train

Smile Train has been a long-term and much valued partner of Project Harar. All of the surgeons who operate on patients with a cleft lip and palate who have been identified for access to surgery by Project Harar work in Smile Train accredited hospitals and have received training from Smile Train.

Transforming Faces

Transforming Faces works across the world to give children access to cleft lip and palate surgery and comprehensive cleft care. We are working in partnership  with them on a programme for community-based speech therapy delivery to patients in rural parts of the country.

Circle of Cleft Professionals 

Project Harar is a member of Circle of Cleft Professionals - a worldwide network of cleft professionals and cleft charity leaders with an interest in promoting Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC) in developing countries.


Face Equality International 

Project Harar are a proud member of Face Equality International. Face Equality International is an alliance of over 30 NGO'S (Non-Governmental Organisations) ,charities and support groups. The mission of the alliance is to mobilise the many groups and organisations, big and small, national and international, which support and represent people with facial differences and disfigurements. The alliance aims to create the critical mass and solidarity needed to gain global attention for the campaign for face equality. Read More

Our Medical Partners:

Yekatit-12 Hospital, Addis Ababa 

Project Harar has collaborated for many years with Yekatit-12 Hospital, one of the leading public hospitals in Addis Ababa and is a key partner in providing cleft surgery for Project Harar’s patients. Each year during our 2-week complex surgical mission, UK, international and Ethiopian medical staff work together at Yekatit-12 to provide surgery to patients with complex facial conditions.