No child should feel alone because of how they look.

Please consider donating to help a child in Ethiopia with a facial disfigurement

A story from December 2021

"I was also born with cleft lip, I had surgery when I was child. I was always worried that one of my children would be born with one too. When my son was born I was scared — even though I had experienced it myself. My husband was also scared because our community is scared and ashamed of such things. My son is a happy child now and not aware of the communities discrimination, but I know the experience — and when I heard of this opportunity I was so happy, beyond words.”


Author: Rose Edwards

Stories from our Cleft Programme

A film about families who had travelled from remote areas of Ethiopia to access treatment for cleft lip and palate. This is our first ever film about our cleft programme, filmed in February 2020


Author: Rose Edwards

Official 2020 Complex Surgical Programme Film

We have released our official film from our 2020 Complex Surgical Programme in Ethiopia - Sifan and Tirusew's story


Author: Rose Edwards

Our Impact


Ethiopian health and social workers trained in cleft management  


Infants and children affected by cleft lip and palate treated in 2021


Infants, children and young people treated in Ethiopia with cleft or complex facial conditions since 2001

Latest news

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    We are pleased to announce that we have received a partnerships for global health grant from THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust) - supporting a multidisciplinary surgical training programme, including surgical, anaesthetic and nursing training, in collaboration with Yekatit-12 Government Hospital, Addis Ababa. Read more

  • A story from December 2021

    Now that he is treated I am so happy, I cannot stop smiling. My son is one of the lucky children to have received treatment at such a young age. When he grows, he will go to school and he can achieve his dreams — feeling comfortable in how he looks. Read more

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