Once you have created your fundraising page, you can begin to promote your event to your supporters. There's several ways you can do this, to start follow our simple steps:

  1. Share your fundraising page with your closest and most generous supporters first

  2. Promote your fundraiser on social media, you can tag us on Twitter (@projectharar1) and Instagram 

  3. Email your work colleagues and add a link to your fundraising page on your email signature

  1. Publicise your event with posters and consider writing to your local newspaper to let them know about your event

  2. Update your page regularly with your progress and send personal thank you notes to everyone who donates

  3. After the event, share your achievement with your supporters  – chances are they will donate more following your success.

If you would like to download a sponsorship form for offline donations, our fundraising pack or receive marketing materials please get in touch.