In February 2020, pre-coronavirus, our UK team travelled to Addis Ababa, to oversee a cleft mission in Kadisco General Hospital.

You may have heard our BBC Radio 4 Appeal which was broadcast on the 17th May 2020 and presented by William Skidelsky. In the appeal, William tells Kufani's story, a five year old girl from a remote village in Ethiopia who travels to Addis with her mother to receive her first cleft surgery. This film shows more of Kufani's story and other patients who were treated in February of this year. 

Many thanks to Videographer - Amy Sargeant: https://vimeo.com/amysargeant 

Animator - Alice Parker: https://vimeo.com/aliceroseparker

Photographer - Carrie Tang: https://www.carrietang.com/