During the month of April we conducted a mass programme in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, where over 100 children received cleft lip or palate treatment. 

Families accessing our services were from the most remote and insecure areas of the region, it took some families over three days to reach the hospital. Our services include providing free transport, food and accommodation for patients and their guardian, our extensive awareness raising efforts helps us reach the furthest and most hard to reach families, who may be in areas with very limited health messaging, meaning they may have not been aware that treatment was available for their child.

The impact of civil tensions in the region, combined with the threat and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, has meant that families have had to wait an extended amount of time for their children to receive cleft surgery. It is vital that children can receive surgery as soon as they become eligible  in terms of age, weight and health, so that they do not face further developmental issues associated with their cleft condition. Developmentel issues that children face if they grow up with untreated cleft conditions include problems with developing speech and language and barriers to nutrition, making them more at risk from becoming malnourished and their growth stunted.

Children with untreated cleft conditions come up against obstacles when making friends, interacting with their community and being included in education. This is because in very rural and remote areas, there is often limited knowledge and awareness around health conditions that cause facial difference, resulting in stigma and bullying. Most families have faced discrimination in their community, some even being bared from faith groups and community gatherings.

It costs £150 to provide access to treatment for one child.

That's £150 to change someone's whole world 🌎


Help Project Harar continue to provide vital services to families so they can access cleft lip and palate treatment. It costs £150 to provide access to treatment for one child.

That's £150 to change someone's whole world 🌎

As well as addressing the barriers associated with the distance and cost of families in rural areas reaching treatment, we work year round to break down stigma around cleft conditions and spread positive and accurate information in rural communities. 

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