A small but important part of our work in Ethiopia is the research outputs that our medical professionals produce. These include research papers, conferences and briefings. Project Harar has helped facilitate this research as part of our complex surgical mission and review missions. This research has contributed to the global maxillofacial and plastic surgical literature by sharing the knowledge of complicated facial disfigurements in a developing setting. 

Some of our recent research highlights:

'Barriers to Obtaining Informed Consent on Shortterm Surgical Missions' (2020)

'Near-total mandibular reconstruction in the absence of microvascular grafts' - V. Patel, A. Jekinson, G Smith and M. McGurk (2016)

'Long term outcomes associated with a short term surgical mission managing complex head and neck facial disfigurement' - V. Patel

'Surgical Research Report' - A. Jenkinson (2015, page 93)

'Long-term outcomes following trauma reconstruction in Ethiopia' - poster presented at The Royal College of Surgeons Global Surgical Frontiers Conference by J. Zeolla (2018)

Presentation for the American Society of Plastic Surgery 'Long-term outcomes associated with a short-term surgical mission treating complex head and neck disfigurement' (2018) by C. Honeyman 

Presentation for the BAPRAS Celtic Meeting 'Long-term outcomes and follow-up of short-term surgical missions treating complex head and neck disfigurement: feasibility and logistics' (2018) by Cebron U., Lewis H., Honeyman C., Patel V., Martin D. and McGurk M.

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