April 2022

In November 2021 we received a Partnerships for Global Health grant from THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust) and Health Education England, to support a new multidisciplinary surgical training programme, in collaboration with Yekatit-12 Government Hospital, Addis Ababa.

The programme is focussed on delivering virtual training to medical staff and students at Yekatit-12, supporting three main disciplines: surgical, anaesthetic and nursing. Project Harar have co-created this programme with Professor Mekonen, head of the Plastics department at Yekatit-12, to help us identifying the specific need when it comes to surgical training and skill development.

Our virtual volunteers

Volunteer medical professionals from the NHS, worked to construct and film a training programme using similar equipment and other training technologies, that would be given to Yekatit-12 for training days and for an online resource library. The aim of the training is to help to broaden the types of surgical procedures that are delivered and improve outcomes. 

Amongst equipment provided to Yekatit-12 for the programme are micro-surgical kits, that are used with smartphones to create an arena for micro surgery practice, as well also other simulator equipment such as patient models that are used to practice inserting tubes needed for air-way management. Most of the pieces of kit are highly specialised and not available for purchase within Ethiopia. 

We have been able to facilitate several training sessions to students at Yekatit-12 medical college with great success. 

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