Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Liz! I’m a fundraising assistant and admin at Project Harar. I began my role mid-February as part of the UK Government Kickstart Scheme, so it has been over a month.

What are the main focusses of your role?

My role encompasses various aspects of fundraising and administration, meaning there’s always an opportunity to lengthen my skill set!

Main focusses can range from assisting in the planning and execution of fundraising events, to filing information, data input and also writing and editing blog posts. There’s a general mix of creative-thinking tasks to more administrative ones, but they are all interlinked and as vital as each other.

My role has the purpose of helping to secure funding and support for our programmes in Ethiopia and raising general awareness about our work. 

What does an average day look like for you?

So, the structure of my days at Project Harar often fluctuate depending on prioritised tasks. It can get busy, but it’s never tedious! Meetings for upcoming programmes can come up during the day that need immediate attention, so it’s important to be an adaptable person.

I typically come into our co-working space in the morning and settle into the café area, from there I discuss the important tasks of the day with our fundraising officer Rose. I’ll perhaps work on organising principal statistics onto an Excel worksheet or watch online video courses of digital marketing; I could even be working in the backend of the website, improving small details or uploading articles.

What do you find interesting or inspiring about your role?

My role as fundraising assistant and admin has taught me so much about how to really reach people and show them how important it is to support the cause. The dialogues we have are always so intuitive and due to the nature of what we do, we’re encouraged to be culturally and socially aware of African and Ethiopian affairs. It’s fantastic to be a part of a cause where you can see first-hand direct  impact, in this case on families accessing Project Harar's services for cleft conditions. 

I learn so much every day, from gaining expertise in digital marketing to being present at events - such as our most recent one with Addis Fine Art. It’s truly a valuable experience to have access to all these avenues, as it makes my role a well rounded experience.