On the 12th of April, the Projects coworking community in Brighton fundraised £150 to donate our patron Lemn Sissay's newest book 'Don't Ask the Dragon' to a primary school. This week, Project Harar visited Fairlight primary school to deliver this copy, and have a conversation surrounding our current urgent appeal – and encouraging a more accepting society regardless of where we are from or what we look like.

The book was read to a classroom of year 3 students by teacher Tamsin White, who said the students really enjoyed the book and made positive comparisons to the books Coming to England by Floella Benjamin and The Day The War Came by Nicole Davies.

We look forward to furthering our collaboration with Fairlight Primary School to accommodate their fundraising efforts, but also to bring awareness to people with facial differences and how we can be more mindful and aware of its impact on their lives.

Project Harar visits Fairlight primary school./


Photo of 'Don't Ask the Dragon' in the school library.

Photos by Liz MuntunkayeP/

You can get a signed copy of Lemn Sissay's 'Don't Ask the Dragon' here. Donating £150 means a child with cleft lip and palate can access treatment.

As well as addressing the barriers associated with the distance and cost of families in rural areas reaching treatment, we work year round to break down stigma around cleft conditions and spread positive and accurate information in rural communities. This will lessen the barriers to accessing education and active participation in community activities for children with cleft lip and palate.