Its been a year since the first broadcast of our BBC Radio 4 Appeal, which was presented by author and journalist William Skidelsky. Will presented Kufani's story, which was about the journey of a young child from a small village in rural Ethiopia to receive treatment for their cleft lip in Addis Ababa. Kufani's mother Halima told us how she wished when they returned home, that Kufani would be able to go to school and make some friends. Last week our Programme Team managed to check in with Kufani and Halima for a socially distanced conversation to see how they were getting on.

We were so pleased to hear they were happy and healthy and that Kufani has been able to join Grade 1 at school, which has recently re-opened in their village. The time in which Kufani was able to access treatment for cleft meant that luckily they have not missed out on education, as often, children who have untreated cleft experience bullying and stigma in the community which means often they will either not attend school or drop out. Providing access to surgery to a child like Kufani will significantly change their life prospects, enabling them to eat, speak, smile and have the same opportunities as their peer group. If you would like to listen back to our Radio 4 appeal, follow this link: