Thursday 3rd June 2021

We so excited to announce that Lemn Sissay has accepted the role of charity Patron alongside Anwen Hurt – Lemn Sissay OBE is a BAFTA nominated award winning writer, international poet, performer playwright, artist and broadcaster. He has read on stage throughout the world: from The Library of Congress in The United States to The University of Addis Ababa, from Singapore to Sri Lanka, Bangalore to Dubai, from Bali to Greenland and Wigan library – welcome to Project Harar Lemn!

We are beyond delighted that Lemn Sissay has accepted role of Patron, we are a small but growing international charity and having Lemn at our core will be invaluable for raising awareness and meeting our 2021 target of providing access to surgery for 900 children, enabling them to eat, speak, smile and grow as part as their communities. 

- Jackie Riley, Project Harar CEO

When a child accesses treatment for their cleft lip and palate, or complex facial disfigurement, their life prospects are significantly improved. As well as a multitude of developmental barriers, cleft and complex facial disfigurements are often a source of stigma in rural Ethiopia, children become excluded from their communities and are unable to make friends or go to school. Access to treatment is life changing, Project Harar believe that every child should have the same opportunities as their peer group.