Ayana's story

At the start of May 2022, Project Harar interviewed Ayana and her mother Fatuma on their experience utilising our services. They recount Ayana's life and health prior to receiving access to surgery for cleft lip and palate, as well as nutritional treatment. To find out more about the aid Project Harar provides and gives access to, continue reading... Read more

Kassahun receives access to cleft surgery at Kadisco Hospital

During our recent programme at the Kadisco hospital in Addis Ababa, 6 month old Kassahun and his family accessed surgical treatment for his cleft lip and palate through Project Harar's services. After an 11 hour journey to the Kadisco hospital, they recount their story to our team. Read more

Catch up with Gudina over a year after surgical treatment

We first met Gudina and his family on February of 2021, where he was finally able to access surgery for his cleft palate. Gudina was three years old. Following his surgery, delayed as a response to the impact of Covid-19, we interviewed him and his father over the phone to catch up with Gudina. Read more

Bisrat's story

When Bisrat was born with a cleft lip her parents took her to the nearest hospital, but they were told that their baby could not be treated. Now at the age of three Bisarat has received treatment for her cleft lip, now she will be able to play with other children without fear of bullying. Read more

Endale's story

Two year old Endale's mother and father travelled over an hour on foot to reach their first method of transport, It took them a further 10 hours to reach the hospital for Endale's cleft treatment. Read more

Yeneneshe's story

Meet Yeneneshe, age four and her mother Sifaan, Yeneneshe was able to access her first surgery for her cleft lip in April 2022. Read more

Brother and Sister Tigist and Adane

Brother and sister, Tigist and Adane, were born with cleft lip and palate. We met the family in March 2022, when Ten year old Tigist was having her surgery for her cleft palate and her three year old brother Adane was having his first surgery for his cleft lip in the Amhara region. Read more

In March 2022 Nyalam was finally able to reach cleft treatment for both her children

The story of one of the many displaced families living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. In March 2022 Nyalam was finally able to reach treatment for both her son and daughter, who were born with cleft conditions. Read more

Empowering Meettii through cleft care

"The journey was difficult we had to walk for almost six hours to get transport from our village, we walked there to the near town to get a bus. This is the reality for families living in our area. But it was a journey of renewed hope it’s exciting for my daughter even though it was a long way." Read more

Supporting Ibsaa

Seven year old Ibsaa came with his grandfather from a rural area of Oromia, it took them almost a full days journey to reach Ambo city for Ibsaa's cleft treatment. Ibsaa lost his parents when he was small, his grandfather raised him. Read more