We're pleased to be participating in the 2018 Big Give Christmas Challenge! 

DOUBLE your donation and help us raise £100,000 this Christmas through the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Let the challenge begin...

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give is a charity scheme which enables donors to DOUBLE their donations to charities by matching them when they are made through the Big Give website between midday 27th November to midday Tuesday 4th December. 

This year Project Harar is hoping to raise £50,000 during this window, which can then be matched to make a grand total of £100,000!

What will your money go towards?

If you donate through the Big Give, your money will help to fund our projects in Ethiopia.

We want to improve the health and life prospects of 1,000 children in rural Oromia, Ethiopa with cleft and other facial disfigurements such as noma, trismus and tumours. These conditions often impact the person's ability to eat, drink, breathe or speak, resulting in malnutrition and stunting, and a reduced life expectancy.

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People with facial disfigurements also face huge social stigma and discrimination which act as barriers to education and the ability to integrate into society. It is estimated that there are three surgeons per million inhabitants in Ethiopia - there is very limited access to treatment and very little expertise available to treat people with facial disfigurements.

We help to treat these patients, improve their lives and strengthen local healthcare systems. Your donation could help to fund operations for patients such as 12 year old Hafis, who developed a huge tumour on the roof of his mouth.

Project Harar was able to operate successfully and remove the tumour and the difference is remarkable! Hafis is now able to return to school and socialise with other children his age - something he could not do before. With your help we could raise enough to help many more children smile like Hafis!

How can you donate?

Click here to go to the Big Give donation page for Project Harar midday 27th November to midday Tuesday 4th December to make your donation. The Big Give will then match that donation.

It's as simple as that!

Thank you from all of the team at Project Harar.