sifan project harar cleft lip palate patient before and after surgery picture comparison

 Sifan before and after her operation

Sifan is 11 years old, from a remote village in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. She came to us with a huge growth on the right side of her face. The growth had been forming for two years and over the past few months had rapidly increased in size. Traditional healers had applied herbal medicine to the growth, this had
not made a difference. Sifan would always wear a scarf around her face to cover the growth. She felt very shy and the growth would often cause her pain, subsequently she had to drop out of education.

Sifan travelled to Addis with her mother Bose, who sells beads at the market. Her surgery was a huge success and she and her mother were so happy with the outcome.

"Before, when I was around
other people I would cover
my face in a scarf. Now I am
no longer afraid."

Sifan painting with hands on table before her operation

Photo of Sifan before her operation

Sifan told us that when she grows up she wants to be a pilot for Ethiopian Airlines. But first she will finish school and graduate.

Sifan and her surgeon Fernando Almas smiling after surgery

        Sifan after her operation, with volunteer surgeon Fernando Almas, at Yekatit 12 Hospital

        Sifan features in a film along with Tirusew found here