At the start of our 2020 Complex Surgical Mission the Project Harar team bought a washing machine for the centre we were using for patients pre and post-op on the mission. The washing machine played a very important role during the mission as hygiene was very important in stopping the spread of post-op infection in the centre. 

The Project Harar team carrying the washing machine

 It was a very exciting day when we bought the washing machine, the UK team went with the Ethiopian team to a large shopping mall to select it. It took a lot of time, going from shop to shop comparing the best price for each. We finally settled on a ‘manual’ machine, that had a separate manual spinner built in.
The washing machine is now at Yekatit 12 Government Hospital in Addis Ababa, which is our partner hospital for our annual Complex Surgical Mission, It will now be used as part of the Covid prevention strategy at Yekatit 12. 

Professor Mekonnen with the washing machine at Yekatit 12 Hospital