We met 5 year old Negalem during our 2020 Complex Surgical Programme which took place before the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Seenaa had a large growth on her face and unfortunately, because of the complexity of her case, our international medical team were unable to provide her with the specialist treatment she needed, in Ethiopia .


Seenaa and her mother during the Project Harar Complex Surgical Programme

You can read more about our complex surgical programme here

When we meet someone during our complex surgical programme who we are unable to offer treatment to, we always refer them on to a different medical institution in Ethiopia, but we quickly began to realise that because of the complexity of Negalem's tumor, that her treatment would not be able to go ahead in country. After a chance visit from a volunteer representative from Healing The Children North East to our Complex Programme, the search to find Negalem's treatment continued into other countries in Africa and then on to Europe and the United States. With the Guidance of Professor McGurk and after discussions with many medical institution, Dr O and Dr Waner of VBNIY New York agreed treat Seenaa Pro Bono. Healing the Children North East funded the Travel to NY and covered Seenaa and her Father's daily care.

The co-ordination of Negalem and her father travelling to the states for treatment took an enormous amount of coordination with referrals to Dr Mekonen at Yekatit Hospital and also the Black lion Hospital where she was referred for travel overseas for treatment. The Project Harar Programme team worked to organise all pre-screening tests and logistics and took great care of Seenaa, as have all of the other people and organisations involved in her journey.

Negalem has now received two surgeries and will be travelling back to Ethiopia with her father after she has had the chance to recover, rest and relax. 

Project Harar have now welcomed Negalem and her father home to Ethiopia and supported them with their journey home.

We would like to acknowledge the many parties that played a part in Negalem receiving surgery:

Project Harar 

Sawula General Hospital, Ethiopia 

Yekatit 12 Government Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Healing The Children Northeast, United States 

VBINY, New York, United States 

Lennox Hill Hospital and Northwell Health, United States