A cleft lip or palate can sometimes run in families, this was the case for Miska and her son Firomosa who we met at a cleft mission in February 2020. 

Miska and Firomosa

Miska and her son Firomosa are from a small Kebele, (village) Goru Gutu, in Oromia. Firomosa had had access to his first cleft surgery with Project Harar around a year prior and was back in Addis for a follow up surgery for his cleft palate, he was also in the process of registering for speech therapy with Project Harar. Whilst Firomosa waited for his treatment, Miska told us that she was also born with a cleft lip and palate and had travelled to Addis around 15 years ago with Project Harar for her own surgery. 

General Manager of Kadisco General Hospital in Addis, Sister Mariam, told us that she sees many generations from remote rural areas travelling to have treatment for their cleft lip and palate's.