Four year old Meettii came to receive treatment for her cleft lip with her mother and auntie. They heard about Project Harar from another family member, who saw some information on the OBN news channel. 

The journey was difficult we had to walk for almost six hours to get transport from our village, we walked there to the near town to get a bus. This is the reality for families living in our area. But it was a journey of renewed hope it's exciting for my daughter even though it was a long way.

when I first gave birth to Meettii I was in disbelief. I couldn't take it and accept it, it affected me the more than my other family members. I was asking myself a lot of questions, how it happened, what I did so wrong for my daughter to be born this way, because all of my other children were born healthy. I never experienced such thing in my life. And also how people around me reacted made me sad even more. It even made me lose my mind for a while until I got it checked and got the help I needed with the help of God I became healthy again.

Meettii's mother told us about how difficult it was to breast feed Meettii - especially in the first few weeks after she was born, as she was unable to suckle, they gave her different kinds of milk in the end.

We are so happy that my daughter got this chance. I really am thankful for her to get this treatment at this age. Now she can be more confident and go where ever she wants and play with her friends. And also she can go to school being happy without stressing how children react. This chance really changed Meettii's life.