We met Khbane on our 2020 Complex Surgical Mission, she was in her early 20’s, from a small kebele (village) in the Gimbi zone of Western Ethiopia.

Khbane had a large mass growing on the back of her neck which had formed over four years, she had previously tried to seek medical help in a hospital however no treatment was offered. Khbane was very shy and would always use her hair or a scarf to cover the back of her neck. 

There was a little uncertainty prior to Khbane's surgery as in some cases simular to this, the growth can invade the bones (vertebrae) in the neck. Removing bone as well as the tumour could cause instability in the neck after the procedure and risk damage to the spinal cord. For this reason, the case was carried out jointly with the neurosurgeons from Yekatit 12.

Fortunately the operation was a success and the tumour could be removed without any compromise to the bones or the tissue around the spinal cord. She was left with a small scar on the back of her neck.

Khbane after her surgery at Yekatit 12 Hospital

Throughout her time with other patients and their families on the complex mission Khbane grew in confidence, she was a regular partaker in the daily coffee ceremony! In May of 2020, Project Harar Programme Officers checked in with Khbane and she reported that she was extremely happy with the results of her surgery and was now looking for a job.