Seven year old Ibsaa came with his grandfather from a rural area of Oromia, it took them almost a full days journey to reach Ambo city for Ibsaa's cleft treatment. Ibsaa lost his parents when he was small, his grandfather raised him. He hasn’t been able to attended school because of stigma in the community around his cleft lip, his family were so worried he would be bullied for looking different.

Ibsaa's grandfather heard about Project Harar from a friend who called them and informed them there was surgery programme at Ambo city.

When he was first born we were all scared, soon after he lost his parents and I raised him with the help of my family. The community feared him because they haven't seen anyone like him before. But God gave him to me and he means a lot to my family, I raised him since he was just a baby. That is why I rushed here us soon as I heard about the surgery. I didn’t send him to school because I was afraid the children will make fun of him or bully him because and I worry he will feel alone. But now I can send him to school and I am happy and grateful for that.

Ibsaa's Grandfather


Seven year old Ibsaa before his cleft surgery with his grandfather

Ibsaa after his cleft surgery with his grandfather

Help Project Harar continue to provide vital services to families so they can access cleft lip and palate treatment.

As well as addressing the barriers associated with the distance and cost of families in rural areas reaching treatment, we work year round to break down stigma around cleft conditions and spread positive and accurate information in rural communities. 

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