We first met patient Rooba at the end of 2019, when he received treatment for his cleft lip. The Covid-19 pandemic halted the mobilisation aspect of our cleft programme, this means that Rooba will have to wait a little longer to receive treatment for his cleft palate. 

We caught up with Rooba and his father Hussen in April of 2020, where during the first phase of our Covid Response Programme they received a large water barrel and bars of soap to help with hand washing to help prevent the spread of Covid:

During October we caught up with Hussen and Rooba again, where Rooba underwent some further health checks to see if he met the requirements to receive palate surgery. Because Rooba had low haemoglobin levels Project Harar provided supplementation and nutritional advice to improve this. 

Ferhan will receive his palate treatment very soon. Read about the other ways we are helping to support patients who are waiting for surgery here