The following post was written by 14 year old Branwen, who created the @Dolls_of_Life project with her mother in order to support girls with facial disfigurements in Ethiopia. 

Why I chose to support Project Harar

I chose to collaborate with Project Harar because looks can change the way people view themselves and the world around them, so by altering a facial disfigurement, we are helping someone to feel more confident about themselves. With self confidence, a child will be able to embrace the life they deserve and treat themselves better. Dolls of Life was born from my desire to give girls the life they deserve.

About the dolls

Dolls of Life dolls are all one of a kind art dolls, handmade from carefully curated vintage textiles and up-cycled materials. They are stuffed firmly with natural wool to provide a satisfying weight and natural warmth and style unique to each doll. They are all organic, perfect for a young child to play with, or to display in your house. They make great gifts for anyone. Each doll is personal and unique; they can represent anyone! The process of making the dolls and the dolls themselves are cathartic, which makes them even more special and personal.

By making and selling our dolls, we aim to support Project Harar with their worthy cause. For every doll bought, one child in Ethiopia will receive surgery for a cleft lip. We are raising money for girls in particular, because they are often hidden away and discriminated against by their communities.

About our workshop

We have an upcoming workshop where you will be able to learn how to make a doll. The workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how to make your own doll - you can either make your own doll for free and donate it or keep it for a set price. Don’t worry though, you won’t go away empty handed. As well as the knowledge of how to make a doll, you will also be given a bag with some little gifts inside to thank you for your participation. Please get in touch or follow along on Instagram (@Dolls_of_Life) or Facebook (@DollsofLife) if you would like to learn more.