When Banchigize was born, his mother had never come across his condition before and was horrified by what she saw. Her fear for her son’s future and talk of his looks in the community kept her awake at night.

After seeking advice from a health professional on treatment options, she became hopeful about Banchigize’s future and made her journey to the hospital. Along the way, she received a call from one of Project Harar Ethiopia’s fieldworkers, Abraham, who had seen the young boy – he promised that he would be treated within the next six months by Project Harar. His mother was so grateful that Project Harar could fund the family’s transportation to Addis, the surgery and after-care services.

The day of Banchigize’s surgery finally arrived and after a successful operation he emerged with a brand new look about him much to the surprise of many - including his mother who said:

When I saw my child had been treated, I had never before experienced such happiness in my life...I thank Project Harar very much.