10-year old Abinet arrived at Project Harar's complex surgical mission in 2016 with a nasal lipoma (a small lump on the end of his nose) which was causing him difficulties with breathing and sleeping. He also faced problems at school - the other kids held their noses and called him names. He was really badly bullied.

His father searched tirelessly for treatment, trying three different hospitals to get an operation for him, but none of them could do the surgery that he needed. Fortunately, he heard about Project Harar and he came for an operation. His father was so happy after his operation and reflected on Abinet's time at the Cheshire Rehabilitation Centre:

We don’t have any words to express to you how grateful we are. Abinet is very happy. It’s really fun for him to be around the other children who are going through similar times in their lives, to play with them and get to know them. If we found anyone else with a facial disfigurement we would tell them all about Project Harar, the amazing work you do, and encourage them to get in contact with you. 

Abinet is hopeful about his future and wants to be a doctor when he grows up, he said 'I want to help people who have the same kinds of problems as I had.' 

Abinet before and after his surgery!