Children in remote and insecure living situations are already at risk of malnutrition, cleft conditions increase this likelihood. The impact of civil conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic means that we have more people than ever on our waiting list to receive treatment for a cleft condition.

This urgent appeal will help 350 children in areas most affected by food insecurity and civil conflict, reach vital treatment and surgery for an untreated cleft condition. 

Children affected by cleft lip and palate in areas that have been most impacted by civil conflict, have had very limited access to cleft lip and palate surgery over the past 14 months. This appeal will specifically target people from the most remote and disadvantaged areas. It is essential that children affected by cleft conditions are able to access treatment as soon as possible, these children are already at risk of malnutrition and higher infant mortality rates, as mothers are often unable to breast feed their babies effectively, due to the incomplete mouth seal that occurs with a cleft lip. A cleft palate can cause liquids to be rejected through the nose – which also affects older children, if left untreated. 

You can help to change a child's world today, by supporting Project Harar in providing essential services so that families can reach treatment.

Photograph of families waiting for treatment, at our cleft programme in the Amhara Region, March 2022

🌍 Outreach

Your donation will support our year round outreach efforts from our experienced programme team. Our extensive outreach network reaches the most remote and rural areas of Ethiopia, allowing our team to identify infants born with cleft lip and palate and raise vital awareness at a local and regional level.

🚌 Access

Your donation will help address barriers to families in rural areas accessing vital treatment for cleft lip and palate.

There are many barriers to children accessing cleft care in rural areas but one of the main issues is geographical distance from facilities that provide surgery. Our programme team provide transport, accommodation, PPE and food for children and their guardians. 

🍃 Nutrition

Your donation will also help provide vital nutritional support to infants and children who do not meet the required health/weight requirements to receive safe cleft surgery.

Nutritional support includes targeted food packages containing produce such as fortified milk powder and enriched peanut butter, which will help children with healthy weight gain. Our programme team continue give advice around nutrition to local health workers and families who have children impacted by cleft.