Our 2020 Complex Surgical Mission will provide life-changing surgery for 50 Ethiopian's with severe facial disfigurements, including conditions such as noma, giant facial tumours, wounds from animal attacks and other conditions which are often worsened by local remedies.

Facial disfigurements can disproportionately affect the poorest people due to the lack of availability of treatment in rural areas, the cost of accessing treatment and lack of knowledge of what treatment is available. This can be exacerbated by malnutrition, poor oral hygiene practices, and overall poor health. Those living with facial disfigurements find it difficult to perform basic functions that most of us take for granted – eating breathing or talking – and they also face great stigma and discrimination. Without the support of Project Harar, their future will be bleak. 

An international team of volunteer medical professionals fly out to Ethiopia to assess the patients, deliver their life-changing surgery and then monitor them during the healing process. Project Harar gives children a chance to start their lives over. After surgery, 75% of patients became socially engaged and accepted back into their communities. Children return to school to go on to lead happier, healthier lives.

Throughout the programme, Project Harar also works in collaboration with Ethiopian medical professionals, helping to build capacity, and with local communities to educate communities about facial disfigurements and good hygiene practices.

Your support will help us provide life-changing surgery for some of the most marginalised people with facial disfigurements. It costs £3,000 to provide one surgery and after-care for each of our patients - £150,000 will provide surgery for 50 patients. Together we can transform the lives of people like Hafis and Elili

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