Today on World Health Day, Project Harar is launching a new appeal Lives On Hold.

Like many other charities, Project Harar is experiencing diminishing income due to Covid-19. During the world’s lockdown, we are unable to mobilise any babies or children from rural areas in Ethiopia, all of whom are waiting to receive treatment for Cleft Lip and Palate. After the Ethiopian lockdown lifts, we want to ensure these children can immediately access the treatment they most desperately need.

Lives On Hold represents the situation for our beneficiaries in Ethiopia who will be unable to access comprehensive treatment and care for their Cleft Lip and Palate. Many of us also feel as if our lives have also been interrupted, we’re unable to go about our day to day routines as we knew them before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Equally thousands of health care workers and other key workers around the world are putting their own lives on hold, working overtime to provide care and services for those in need.

Use the hashtag #LivesOnHold on your social media platforms to share the stories of these babies and children waiting to access essential treatment for life changing facial surgeries.

240 patients for Cleft Lip or Palate have been identified by Project Harar outreach workers since the beginning of March. 100 Patients in the Oromia region, 50 in the SNNPR, 50 in Amhara and 40 in Afar

Help to ensure these journeys start again. Any money donated will help change a life