Don't Ask the Dragon — by Lemn Sissay, signed by Lemn Sissay

Lemn is 'auctioning' 100 signed copies of his brand new children's book, 'Don't Ask the Dragon' for £150 per copy — which is how much it costs to provide treatment for one child with a cleft condition in Ethiopia. Each book will transform someone's world. 

Project Harar

Project Harar are helping children affected by cleft lip and palate access vital treatment, in the most remote and insecure living situations in Ethiopia. 

Children in these areas are already at greater risk of malnutrition, an untreated cleft condition dramatically increases this risk. When a child reaches treatment for a cleft lip or palate their world is transformed, they will be able to be included in their community, access an education and make friends — often for the first time in their lives.

From when you place your order, we kindly ask you to anticipate a 2-3 week delivery wait in order for Lemn to sign your book. We will keep you updated on your delivery so please do opt in to communication preferences.

About the book

This is the story of a little boy called Alem
who goes on an adventure…
It’s his birthday, but where can he go to celebrate it? Maybe the bear, the fox, the treefrog,
or the bulldog know?
But DON’T ASK THE DRAGON. . . or he will EAT you!

A heart warming story about finding joy and home wherever you are, Don't Ask the Dragon is destined to become and instant children's classic. Beautiful illustrations by Greg Stobbs.

For all children and their adults too!

Thank you to Canongate publishers, and the brilliant author — who is also our Patron, Lemn Sissay for making this happen.