A story from December 2021

"I always felt sad and I really tried my best to get him help but I didn't know where to go. He has not been able to attend school — no one can understand his speech apart from me. When I heard that treatment was available and for free, I was happy beyond words. I am hopeful that now he will be able to attend school and make friends." Read more

A story from December 2021

"I was also born with cleft lip, I had surgery when I was child. I was always worried that one of my children would be born with one too. When my son was born I was scared — even though I had experienced it myself. My husband was also scared because our community is scared and ashamed of such things. My son is a happy child now and not aware of the communities discrimination, but I know the experience — and when I heard of this opportunity I was so happy, beyond words.” Read more

A story from December 2021

It’s amazing to see that what I dreamed of for our child has come true. My daughter is beautiful and she was always beautiful. It made me really happy when I saw her face for the first time after the surgery. And I know when she grows up and hears the story of how she got treatment, she will feel lucky that she was to receive it at this young age. She will feel happier than me. Thank you for all you did for our daughter and our family. Read more

A message from our CEO

"I want to highlight the profound difference your support makes to the families who access our services. By helping infants access surgery for cleft lip and palate at an early age you are giving them a significantly better chance at life, enabling them to rejoin their community, to make friends — perhaps for the first time — and to go to school." Read more

Our 2021 Christmas Campaign

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is now closed but our Christmas Campaign is still running! Thank you to everyone who donated to our Big Give campaign, together we have raised an incredible £32,400.75 including Gift Aid. Which will help us to provide vital services to families living in rural and remote areas of Ethiopia. Thank you! Read more

Project Harar in 2021

Take a look at some of our highlights of 2021 so far... Read more

Nutrition in Ethiopia: Pulses

Next up in our nutrition mini series we're looking at the different kind of pulses that are available in Ethiopia... Read more

Nutrition in Ethiopia: Teff

Nutrition is an integral part to providing comprehensive cleft care in Ethiopia. As well as delivering immediate vital support to children with cleft who are at risk from malnutrition, our new nutritional support programme includes raising awareness about the importance of a varied and nutritious diet. First up in our blog series on nutrition in Ethiopia: Teff, what is it? What can you make from it? And what is it's nutritional value... Read more

Welcoming new team members

We've welcomed two new interns to our team in Ethiopia, Ababo and Saron will be supporting our programme team and also working on our communications strategy. Read more

Three online shopping platforms that generate funds for Project Harar

Read about how you can support Project Harar through your online purchases. Read more

Q&A with Barnaby Hitchcock—Brighton Marathon run for Project Harar

We caught up with Barnaby Hitchcock—fitness coach and founder of fitness and life style brand B FIT, who is participating in the Brighton Marathon to raise support for Project Harar. Barnaby gave us some top tips for aspiring marathon runners as well us his inspiration behind B Fit. Read more

We are finalists in the GlobalGiving photo contest 2021!

We are delighted to announce we have been selected as finalists in the Global Giving photo contest 2021! Read more

We've hit our target!

With your help, we have hit our target of raising £20,000 in our Summer Matched Funding Campaign via the Big Give! Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this by donating and taking the time to share our campaign - we couldn't have done it without you. Read more

Introducing our new Patron - Lemn Sissay

We are beyond excited to announce that Lemn Sissay has accepted the role of charity Patron alongside Anwen Hurt. Lemn Sissay OBE is a BAFTA nominated award winning writer, international poet, performer, playwright, artist and broadcaster – welcome to Project Harar Lemn! Read more