Great Ethiopian Run

The Great Ethiopian Run takes place this year between Monday 8th November and Sunday 14th November. This gives runners the opportunity to complete 10km within a 7 day period wherever they are in the world. All runners will receive an official race medal and T-shirt signed by gold medal Olympic athlete Haile Gebrselassie. 

You will also receive a Project Harar running vest to wear on race day.  

How to sign up 

Please email [email protected] to secure your place for Project Harar.

We are offering free places in the run, but we would really like participants to aim to fundraise at least £50 which will also cover the entry cost for the event.

We can send you your T-shirt before the event if you would like to run in it and you will receive your medal upon completion. 

There is also a children's event for those partaking who are under the age of 11! The children's event will have a slightly lower fundraising target of £20 - which will again, help to cover the costs of entry. Email for further details.

Why run for Project Harar?

Project Harar is a small but ambitious international charity providing health outreach services in Ethiopia. We work in some of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach communities to provide access to treatment for infants, children and young people born with cleft lip and palate and more complex facial disfigurements.

The impact and threat of Covid-19 brought elective surgery in Ethiopia to a halt at the beginning of March 2020 and we paused the mobilisation aspect of our cleft services across Ethiopia. During this time, we adapted our work to continue to support patients and families whilst they wait for surgery. In the October of 2020 we were able to re-launch our access-to-cleft services to incorerate safety measures to protect against Covid-19. This year (2021) We have had multiple successful programmes, including two mass mobilisation and awarness raising programme in the Amhara region and programmes in the SNNPR and Oromia Region.

So far this year Project Harar have helped 370 infants, children and young people, by supporting Project Harar, you will be ensuring that treatment can continue to go ahead, giving infants, children and young people the chance to re-join their communities and reach their full potential