In 2018, Project Harar was able to provide Mohammed with life-changing surgery. Following a successful operation, four year-old Mohammed came out of his shell and was finally able to speak, attend school and play like a normal child. Read his story.Read more


When Banchigize was born, his mother had never come across such a condition. Horrified by what she saw, fear for her son’s future and talk of his looks in the community kept her awake at night. Read his story.Read more


10-year old Abinet arrived at Project Harar's complex surgical mission in 2016 with a nasal lipoma (a small lump on the end of his nose) which was causing him difficulties with breathing and sleeping. He also faced problems at school - the other kids held their noses and called him names. He was really badly bullied.Read more


In 2015, 11 year-old Fami arrived in Addis Ababa hoping for treatment for her ameloblastoma (a type of facial tumour). Sadly, the surgeons could not find a way to operate that year, and she was sent home. She received treatment in 2016 and then again in 2018 by our international team of specialists.Read more


Three years ago, a small growth appeared on Gemechu’s cheek that continued to enlarge. Eventually, it got so large that if left untreated, it would threaten his life. The growth was a giant ameloblastoma, which caused Gemechu great pain both physically and emotionally. Not only did his face constantly ache, but he also experienced discrimination from those around him.Read more


Hafis received surgery for a giant tumour that had grown in his mouth enabling him to eat, open his mouth and smile again. Read about his transformation.Read more


Seso was treated for Trismus, a condition that caused her mouth to remain tightly closed - she has had this since she was three years old.Read more


When little Merwa was born, her mother Rocla was shocked and frightened. She had never seen a child with a cleft lip before. ‘I was really scared when I gave birth to Merwa and saw her for the first time,’ she said. ‘Nothing can prepare you for that feeling.’Read more


At the age of 15 many girls are conscious of their appearance, but for Mechot the way she looked affected every aspect of her life. Over three years a giant cell tumour had rapidly grown in the roof of her mouth, making eating, speaking or even smiling extremely difficult.Read more


When Felhano’s mother, Kose, gave birth to her daughter Felhano, she was astonished to discover that Felhano had cleft lip and palate. ‘I was appalled when I first saw Felhano,’ she said. ‘I had no idea what to do, how on earth to deal with this disability.’Read more


12-year-old Ayantu came to Project Harar from a life of hardship and stigma. Born with a third nostril in the middle of her nose, the bullying she faced from other children stopped her going to school.Read more


Elili came to us with a giant ameloblastoma and was treated in 2016 by in our annual complex mission.Read more