We met 5 year old Nagalem during our 2020 Complex Surgical Programme. She was unable to receive treatment in Ethiopia, but over the course of 18 months we were able to arrange specialist treatment overseas as a result of international collaboration Read more


Three year old Tamirat's mother and father brought him to Bahir Dar for cleft palate surgery in February 2021 Read more


We met Meserat during our 2020 Complex Surgical Programme, she was born with a nasal deformity and had experienced bullying because she looked different to her peers. Meserat received complex facial reconstructive surgery and we also saw her grow in confidence throughout her operation and recovery journey Read more


When Fikert's son Fayisa was born with a cleft lip she was extremely worried, her first son had passed away just a few months after he was born, so when Fayisa was born with a cleft lip Fikirt told us that she did not consider he would survive. Luckily Fayisa received surgery for his cleft lip in October 2020. Read more


Read about how Ferhan was supported with our Covid Response Programme whilst he waited for surgery for his cleft palate Read more


Sariya travelled to Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa with her 10 month old daughter Indiya, after she had been identified as needing treatment for her cleft lip and palate by Project Harar. Read more


We first met Hafis in 2016, in 2018 Project Harar's medical volunteer team, in collaboration with Yekatit 12 Government Hospital, was able to provide Hafis surgery. Read more


Four year old Yohanes was attacked by a hyena in his home town Harar leaving his face scarred and left eye closed. Yohanis had facial reconstructive surgery on the Project Harar Complex Mission 2020 Read more