November 5th 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have received a partnerships for global health grant from THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust) - supporting a multidisciplinary surgical training programme, including surgical, anaesthetic and nursing training, in collaboration with Yekatit-12 Government Hospital, Addis Ababa.

About THET

THET is an international development organisation working to improve the health of people in Africa and Asia. THET focuses on strengthening healthcare services globally, by utilising the skills and expertise of UK health professionals to collaborate and knowledge share. This work brings benefit to health systems in low and middle income countries but is also having a beneficial impact on the NHS. 

About the Programme, THET Partnership for Global Health: Virtual Volunteering

Our virtual volunteering programme will focus on delivering virtual training to Yekatit-12 Government Hospital, Addis Ababa and will support three disciplines: surgical, anaesthetic and nursing. Project Harar have co-created the programme with Professor Mekonen, head of the Plastics department at Yekatit-12, to help us identifying the specific need when it comes to training and skill development around head and neck surgery. Training will be delivered by volunteer medical professionals from the NHS, who are all specialists in head and neck. The training will empower staff of the parallel department to continue to pass down what they have learnt.

The virtual training will help to broaden the types of surgical procedures that are delivered and improve outcomes. A library of resources will also be created. The grant will also provide simulator surgical equipment for training and technology for film recording and remote delivery.

A short film made during our last face-to-face surgical collaboration with Yekatit-12

Film by documentary film maker Amy Sargeant