12-year-old Hafis came to Project Harar in 2016 with a small growth on the roof of his mouth. Sadly, they were unable to operate on him and he had to return home. In 2018, Hafis came back as his tumour had grown to enormous proportions and was very painful. He struggled to breathe, eat or talk. We knew he had to be operated on this year as he was in a life-threatening situation. 

The operation was difficult but the tumour was removed and the final result was extraordinary - Hafis was almost unrecognisable! After his operation, Hafis went to recuperate in the Cheshire Rehabilitation Centre just outside Addis. Slowly, the shy boy we had met a few weeks before started to emerge from his shell – he began to smile and play with the other children.  

It really was amazing to see the impact surgery had on Hafis – he no longer covered his face, could eat properly and close his mouth. He had been out of school because he was being bullied and insulted – when he returns to his community he will be able to attend school again and live a life free from stigma. His life will be transformed.

Hafis before and after his surgery

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