We heard about Project Harar when we saw a feature on the OBN TV channel, it was a long journey to reach the hospital, my baby was crying but we reached the city eventually. My brother is here to support me, as my husband is looking after the rest of my children at home. 

When my baby was born and I saw his little face for the first time, I was shocked  I hadn't seen a cleft lip before and I didn't know what it was, all of my other children were born healthy. The other people in my family also reacted in shock, it was sad and heart breaking for me to see how they reacted to Gammachu. We were able to read about cleft lip and palate on the internet, I saw that it happens to children all over the world  but that the surgery is not complicated  and it gave me hope.

Now that he is treated I am so happy, I cannot stop smiling. My son is one of the lucky children to have received treatment at such a young age. When he grows, he will go to school and he can achieve his dreams — feeling comfortable in how he looks. Thank you for this experience.