Due to the impact of Covid-19 we are unable to hold our annual Gala Dinner which thanks to the incredible generosity of our guests, funds our annual Complex Mission in Ethiopia.

On top of the pandemic we have lost our founder, Jonathan Crown, who passed away unexpectedly in September. Jonathan was an incredible man who set up the charity out of his great passion to help others and make a difference. He loved sharing the work of the charity with friends and was also a great supporter of the charity throughout the year.

This year we hope you can consider, once again, donating to help a child with a complex facial disfigurement or cleft lip and palate access life-changing facial reconstructive surgery.

At the beginning of 2020 we were able to deliver a successful Complex Surgical Programme in Ethiopia despite an already challenging landscape ahead of the onset of Covid. 35 patients received life changing complex facial surgery and treatment in February 2020 and in the first two months of the year 38 patients accessed surgery for a cleft lip or palate. At the end of February elective surgery in Ethiopia was halted but our Programme Officers were able to continue their outreach work and a further 290 patients across the country were identified as needing surgery.  

Project Harar capitalised on its strength in outreach and used the network to deliver Covid Response and adapt to support our patients' needs whilst waiting for surgery. We have developed a Covid Response Programme delivering water barrels and soap and a nutritional support programme. The success of the programme has been recognized on a Government level in Ethiopia and we are extremely proud we have been able to apply our skills in health outreach during the pandemic.

At the beginning of October we were able to relaunch the mobilisation aspect of our cleft programme with specialist Covid measures implemented and over 20 patients have received surgery for a cleft lip or palate since. 

Historically we treat 40-50 patients each year during our Complex Surgical Programmes as well as helping 800 patients a year access treatment for a cleft lip and palate. We are expecting a ‘back log’ of people needing vital and often life saving treatment.