In the UK

 Our team in the UK consists of four members who are based in our North London office.

Victoria Clare

Victoria is our Director.  This means that she gets to support a great team in both Ethiopia and the UK!  She has worked in the charity sector for 18 years, always with charities that benefit children and young people.  She is really looking forward to learning Amharic and exploring Ethiopia.  Victoria lives in the New Forest at the weekends and in London during the week.  She likes being outdoors, reading and eating (most things).  She also really loves tea. 

Shree Mandke

Shree is our Senior Development Manager, what it really means is that she gets to do all the good but hard work around developing our programmes and raise funds! Shree joined our team back in November 2014, she brings with her over 17 years of programme management & fundraising experience. Shree has lived in Ethiopia, gets withdrawals over Macchiatos and speaks tinnish tinnish (little little) Amharic!


Rebecca Wing

Rebecca is our Fundraising Officer. She writes applications and reports to our wonderful donors and looks for ways to fundraise through (community) events along with the rest of the team. She also coordinates our Complex Mission, making sure all our medics are prepared and have everything they need. Having lived in Ethiopia before, she loves to come back for work - but also for the beer and the dancing! 


Helena Stroud

Helena is our Marketing and Communications Officer. She enjoys showing Project Harar off to the world via media, fundraising events and talks, and by developing and designing our publicity materials. Writing is in her blood, and she loves finding the words to help people engage with the work of the charity. Helena writes fantasy murder mystery stories in her spare time, and can be found rocking out at heavy metal gigs. 

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