When she was only six months old, Nasanet received serious burn injuries from the open fire her mother used to cook. The scars impeded her movements and she could no longer turn her head or lift her chin.

Ever since she was forced to live a hidden life, as her peersmarginalised her and she was refused a place at school because of the way she looked. She dreamed to study and look like all other “healthy people”.

With the support of Project Harar, surgeons treated Nasanet to release her burn contractures and give back mobility to her neck and face. At the hospital she passed the time chatting with patients who have lived through similar experiences to her own, including Dino - a young boy suffering from an infection affecting his nose and lips – whose nails she painted!

Nasanet was thrilled with the results of the operation, as they exceeded all her expectations for appearance and movement. She is looking forward to going to school and will make sure she recommends surgery to anyone who may need it.


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