Lamdi and Meymuna

Lamdi and Meymuna have a lot in common. They work together as merchants, selling crops at the local market. They both have experienced abuse and discrimination from others in the market because of growths on their cheek. And they travelled together to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, to receive treatment with the help of Project Harar.

Friendly and outgoing, both enjoyed meeting other young people with facial disabilities. It was a great opportunity to share experiences and stories with other people similarly affected by a disfigurement. Playing games together, creating art and plaiting each other’s hair, there was a real sense of community in the hospital accommodation.

Education is a priority for both of them. Meymuna never attended school, and Lamdi dropped out after third grade – all too common for rural Ethiopian children, especially those with disabilities. They both want to return to education before they get married.

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