Abdella loved playing football on the makeshift pitch near his house. He spent all his free time there with his friends – until the day when a hyena approached the pitch, desperate for food. While his friends watched in horror, the savage predator attacked Abdella, dragging him into a sugar-cane field. Abdella’s friends alerted a policeman, who ran to the field and found him alive – but only just.

Abdella’s parents brought him to the nearby hospital in Asebe Tefari. They left two days later, thinking that they would be unable to care for such an injured child, leaving the hospital orphanage to bring him up.

Despite the nurses’ efforts, his wounds were not healing. Doctors from Project Harar examined him in 2009 and found that the hyena had torn away so much of his scalp that it was unable to grow back.

To rebuild Abdella’s scalp, Project Harar’s surgeons took a large skin graft from his right thigh and transferred it to the top of his head.

Now he is back at Asbe Tefari attending school at the orphanage. He is a very bright child, and can read and write in two local languages (Amharic and Oromiyfa). His health has improved greatly now that he is no longer in pain or risk of infection - and he is better at football than ever. 

Six months after his treatment , Project Harar staff learned that Abdella is now fully fit and continues at school. Best of all, he now sees the family he thought he had lost. 

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