Donate through the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 to double your donation!

Donate through the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 to double your donation!

It's that time of year again! 

Project Harar is once again raising funds through the Big Give Christmas Challenge, and this time we're trying to raise a whopping £100,000! 

Click here to donate through the Big Give between midday 29th November and midday 2nd December.

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give is a charity scheme which enables donors to double their donations to charities by matching them when they are made through the Big Give website between midday on 29th November and midday on 2nd December. This year Project Harar is hoping to raise £50,000 during this window, which can then be matched to make an amazing £100,000!

What will your money go towards?

If you donate through the Big Give, your money will help to fund projects such as the Complex Surgical Mission in 2017.

In rural and poor urban areas within Ethiopia there are many people with serious facial deformities and illnesses such as noma, trismus, tumours, and burns. These conditions often impact on the person's ability to eat, drink, breathe or speak. They reduce life expectancy. There is huge social stigma and very little resource and expertise available to treat these people. We treat the patients, improve their lives and strengthen local healthcare systems.

Your donation could help to fund operations for patients such as Ayantu, who was born with a third nostril.

Subject to bullying and stigma, Ayantu ran away from home. Project Harar gave her a new nose, and she was delighted. ‘I feel like my life has started again,’ she said. ‘I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – only God can know something like that. But I feel very hopeful about my future now.’

How can you donate?

Click here to go to the Big Give donation page for Project Harar between midday 29th November and midday 2nd December and make your donation. The Big Give will then match that donation. It's as simple as that!

With your help we could raise enough to cover the Complex Surgical Mission next year.

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